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1 equipment designed to serve a specific function [syn: apparatus]
2 the way something is organized or arranged; "it takes time to learn the setup around here"
3 an act that incriminates someone on a false charge [syn: frame-up]

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set + up



  1. Equipment designed for a particular purpose; an apparatus.
    The laboratory included an elaborate setup for measuring the energy.
  2. The fashion in which something is organized or arranged.
    The classroom setup was simple and efficient.
  3. An act to frame someone; an effort or arrangement aimed at placing the blame on somebody.
    Trust me, that was a setup!
  4. A computer software utility designed to install the necessary components and perform configuration necessary for a new software application. Also used as an adjective: e.g. "setup program".
    After inserting the disk, run the setup.



Equipment designed for a particular purpose; an apparatus
The fashion in which something is organized or arranged
An act to frame someone; an effort or arrangement aimed at placing the blame on somebody

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  • set up, the adjective and verb

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anatomy, approach, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, array, assemblage, assembly, attack, blueprint, blueprinting, breeze, build, building, buildup, calculation, charting, cinch, combination, composition, compound, conception, concord, conformation, constitution, construction, contrivance, creation, deployment, design, device, disposal, disposition, duck, easy target, easy thing, embodiment, enterprise, envisagement, fabric, fabrication, fashion, fashioning, figuring, foresight, forethought, forging, form, format, formation, frame, frame-up, game, getup, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, harmony, idea, incorporation, intention, junction, layout, lineup, long-range plan, make, makeup, making, manufacture, mapping, marshaling, master plan, method, methodology, mixture, mold, molding, operations research, order, organic structure, organism, organization, packed deal, packed jury, pattern, patterning, peace, physique, picnic, pie, piece of cake, piecing together, pipe, plan, planning, planning function, plotting, prearrangement, preconcertedness, premeditation, preordering, procedure, production, program, program of action, proportion, pushover, put-up job, putting together, quiet, quietude, rationalization, regularity, rigged jury, routine, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme, scheme of arrangement, scheming, shape, shaping, sinecure, sitting duck, snap, stacked deck, strategic plan, strategy, structure, structuring, symmetry, syneresis, synthesis, system, systematization, tactical plan, tactics, tectonics, texture, the big picture, the picture, tissue, tranquillity, uniformity, velvet, warp and woof, way, weave, web, working plan
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